Our Mission

We help customers
enjoy ownership of the
data they produce

What does this mean? We show you the data your online activity creates, we help you control who has access to it and we make sure that when you allow it to be shared, your data is of maximum benefit to you and to the world.

We believe that, provided you have control over your own data, it can be a tool to improve the way the world works. Moreover, acting as the true owner of your data makes companies treat you as a real customer, not merely a user or a product.

Our Values

Social Good,
collaboration and

TheGoodData is not about helping you earn some pennies with your data, but about ensuring that you execise your rights as data owner and that its value returns to the society.

Our Mission is so challenging that the only way to make it happen is with the power of crowds. The collaboration of Customers and coders.

This is being done in a transparent, open way. You have access to all code and company info.

Our People

TheGoodData is 100% owned by its users. Users become shareholders by simply requesting it. In doing so, TheGoodData interests will always be aligned with yours, which means we’ll never sell out to another company so your data will be safer with us.

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