Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is TheGoodData Mission?

    We help people to enjoy ownership of their data.
    We want to do it following these Company Principles.

  • Why did you start the company?

    We believe that data will be a primary source of wealth in the new digital economy, in much the same way that land or labour has been up to now. Despite the fact that most data is “produced” by individuals, we tend not to act as the owners of it because most of that data being is processed and traded by corporations without our knowledge or fair agreement.

    At TheGoodData, we want to ensure that people are aware of the data they produce, that they can control who has access to it, and that they receive the maximum benefit if they decide to share it.

  • What are your starting business goals?

    Our first objective is to ensure that people own their online data. This means helping them to control who has access to their browsing data and maximizing the social benefit of that data if they decide to anonymously trade part of it.

  • How do you make money?

    We are currently raising funds from private donors that are sponsoring our users care with their data without getting anything in exchange (no one access your data).

    Once we manage a higher volume of users, we expect to attract friendly sponsors and buyers interested in accessing anonymized data with people's consent.

  • Why are you organized as a cooperative?

    Because our company mission is so ambitious, we believe that it will only be truly achievable with the active collaboration of many people. We also believe that this need for active involvement is best enabled through a platform which facilitates transparency, participation and fairness.

    For this reason, TheGoodData has taken the legal form of an Industrial and Provident Society in the UK. It is a cooperative, in which users of the service become company owners if they should choose to do so (‘Member’ is the legal term). In this way, important decisions including the use of benefits and the property of key assets such as the data gathered, remain in the hands of our Members.

  • Does TheGoodData have any financial investors?

    The only owners of TheGoodData are its Members. In the future, and only upon the approval of Members, some investors may be considered as financial partners if they are able to boost growth and help us to successfully accomplish our Mission. These investors would have limited rights to ensure that Members remain in control of the company.

  • What is TheGoodData service

    TheGoodData service as it exists today is an extension that helps you to control the browsing data that you produce, and to use this data for a good cause. It stops major third parties from tracking the webpages you visit and, if you agree to do so, it will trade non sensitive anonymous browsing data with brokers and reinvest 100% of the money earned into social good projects and in improving TheGoodData service.

  • Which browsers does TheGoodData support?

    Right now, TheGoodData is only available for Chrome. We would welcome your help in developing the open source extension for other browsers, and in return you can enjoy the benefits of our Coder’s Program.

  • How do I use TheGoodData service?

    Once installed, TheGoodData runs automatically in the background. You can click on TheGoodData icon in your toolbar to view, block, or unblock third-party requests or to otherwise change the default settings. You can view more detailed information about your data usage and learn more about TheGoodData by visiting our website.

  • How does TheGoodData work?

    TheGoodData uses opensource technology to block data requests from over two thousand third-party tracking companies, all without degrading the functionality of the sites that you visit. TheGoodData allows you to easily unblock a third party that you trust by clicking the extension icon and then clicking on the name of the third party you want to allow, or to simply allow all tracking by a particular website if you wish.

    In addition to blocking browsing threats -if you give permission- TheGoodData anonymizes and stores your browsing history and search queries for a limited amount of time (3 months). This valuable information will help us build reports identifying good and evil players in terms of online tracking.

    We are currently raising funds from private donors that are sponsoring our users care with their data without getting anything in exchange (no one access your data). 100% of the money raised is reinvested in social good projects and in improving TheGoodData service.

  • What kind of projects does TheGoodData fund with my data?

    50% of the money earned is reinvested in microloan credits to alleviate poverty in developing countries. This investment is done via Zidisha.

    The reasons for choosing Zidisha are threefold:

    • We believe that data can be a powerful force for good, not only for our users and Members, but also for humanity.

    • We embody and practise the same principles of collaboration, transparency and social good that Zidisha does.

    • Zidisha’s microloans help to create opportunities where there are so few, doing good without eroding our Members’ assets.

  • Why are some icons red, green and orange?

    Red = blocked. Green = allowed. Orange = traded with your permission.

  • Why are the Content threats in green by default?

    By default, we do not block third parties that are critical to the delivery of content to a web page. However if you would like to block this third-party content on the site you’re visiting, simply click on the threat and it will change to red, indicating that it is now being blocked.

  • What are the “Whitelist this site” and “Allow social networks” extension features?

    These features provide you with the ability to unblock some or all third parties on the site you are visiting with a single click. This can be especially useful if you notice that certain elements of a site are not functioning the way you would normally expect them to.

  • How are the different user levels calculated?

    User levels are based on your degree of collaboration with TheGoodData over the previous 30 days. The more data you allow us trade for a good cause, the higher the level you will achieve:

    • Apprentice: When the user is among the lowest contributing 5% of all users.

    • Journeyman: When the user has contributed more data than an Apprentice but has not yet become a Member of TheGoodData.

    • Owner: When the user has become a Member of TheGoodData.

    • Expert: When the Member is among the top 20% of data contributors.

    • Collaborator: When the Member has participated in TheGoodData’s online collaboration platform within the previous month.

  • What are the “Store” and “Share” extension features?

    If you don’t want to store your browsing history or your non-sensitive queries in our servers you can change these settings in the extension at any time. You can also decide to sell none of your search data. Irrespective of your settings, TheGoodData’s threat detection service will always be available to you.

  • Why is the extension not trading my search queries?

    TheGoodData extension will only trade queries when the following criteria are met:

    • You have performed the query in the Chrome browser, with the extension enabled, and you are using either the Google, Bing or Yahoo search engines.

    • Your query does not contain any sensitive terms. We err on the side of caution when it comes to protecting your data, so we may discard queries where there is any risk that they contain sensitive terms.

    • Your query must be written in English. At this early stage we are assuming the query language based on your browser’s default language. It might well be that you have written your query in English but we have discarded it because your browser’s default language isn’t English. We will aim to work across several languages in the future.

  • Why do you store information on TheGoodData servers?

    TheGoodData aims to harvest, process and trade on your behalf as much or as little of your data as you allow us to. We are currently trading search data, but we expect to trade data based on browsing history soon. This anonymous information and stored on our servers using the safest security standards. You can change permission levels, and access or delete any of your stored information at any time.

  • Will TheGoodData work if I have multiple blocking extensions installed in my browser?

    In order for TheGoodData to work properly in Chrome, it must be the most recent blocking extension installed.

  • How do I disable or uninstall TheGoodData?

    If you choose to leave, we’ll be sad to see you go. Please let us know your reasons for unsubscribing by dropping us an email at This will help us to improve our service.

    In Chrome, click on the “Window” menu button in the top navigation bar. and then choose the Extensions item. Uncheck the ‘Enabled’ button to disable, or click the trash icon to uninstall.

  • What does becoming a Member of TheGoodData mean?

    Members of the company have rights similar to the owners of any other company. This includes access to company information, attending and voting in General Meetings, as well as electing or being elected as company Directors. The rights and duties of Members are explained in the company's Primary and Secondary Rules.

  • How can I become a Member?

    To be a Member you must have used the service within the previous 3 months and be at least 16 years old. If you fulfill these criteria you can apply for Membership via the “Collaborate” button at the top of the homepage. You will be asked to accept the Primary Rules and Company Principles and, if your application is approved, you will have to buy one company share to complete your Membership.

  • Do I need to pay for a share to become a Member?

    The short answer is no. Because TheGoodData is registered as an Industrial and Provident Society, we are forced by law to ask our Members to own a fully paid share. In order to facilitate the process we have reduced the share price to the minimum possible (1 pence) and created a 0% interest loan agreement so you can buy the necessary share without making any payment. If you ever terminate your Membership, this loan is cancelled in exchange for the transfer of your share’s ownership to TheGoodData.

    You’re also welcome to buy your 1p share with bitcoins or support us by making a donation, from which we’ll deduct the 1p cost of your share.

  • Are there any Membership rules?

    The Primary Rules, which you agree to when becoming a member, govern the cooperative’s decisions. The Secondary Rules govern day-to-day decisions. We encourage you to read both documents to find answers to company related topics not covered by these FAQs. In the case of any unintended discrepancies, the Primary and Secondary Rules will prevail over the FAQs or any other company material.

  • How can Membership be cancelled?

    You can terminate your Membership at any time simply by emailing Membership will also be cancelled in the case of non-usage of TheGoodData service over 3 consecutive months or due to the failure to hold one Membership share.

    The Membership Committee can also decide to expel a Member if they have acted against company interests or principles, if they have repeatedly misbehaved in company meetings or forums or if they have provided false information to the company. If Membership comes to an end for any of these reasons, the Member must sell back their share to the company at its nominal value.

  • How can I collaborate with TheGoodData?

    The easiest and most effective way to collaborate with TheGoodData is by using the service and asking others to do so.

    In addition to that, we welcome as much support as you can would like to offer. As a collaborative company, TheGoodData is open to everyone. We have built a platform at to give you easy access to all relevant information and provide you with an opportunity to comment on or lead a discussion about existing or new lines of business. We would love to see your participation there.

  • Can I contact company Directors directly?

    Transparency means open communication as well. If you have any ideas for improvement or any expertise that you believe might be useful to us, you can email or start a hangout with our company Director, Marcos Menendez at

  • Are coders rewarded?

    If you want to build any kind of new functionality for our service by leveraging our assets, you are welcome to join our Coder’s Program. A sixth of our annual company revenues will be reserved to distribute among our coders for the six years following their individual contributions.

    Please contact any of our company Directors or write to describing your idea, the expected level of effort needed and attach a CV outline in order to receive a strategic priority evaluation.

  • How are rewards calculated?

    In any given year, the coders who have written and released features over the previous six years will be rewarded with a share of the reserved sixth of that year’s company revenues. These coders will be rewarded based on the following considerations:

    • The strategic importance of the code created.

    • The level of effort, considering either lines of code or alternatively the estimated number of hours of input.

    • The output quality of the code, as evaluated by the other coders participating in the program.

Last revision – June 2015.
If you have another question that has not been answered above, please email us