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Using the value of your browsing
data to help people in need

Our mission

The Evil Data

The internet is full of hidden companies to track you
and make money out of your data without your consent.
We call this The Evil Data.

The Good Data

What if we make sure that you take back the control over
your data, get a fair amount of it and reinvest it in
developing countries? Then Data is Good.


Projects supported in developed countries


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Sites visited by our users this month


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Start making a positive impact now!

Download our browser extension and:

  • Block The Evil Data trackers contained in every webpage you visit
  • Use our reports to analyze and understand your browsing data
  • Donate the value of your browsing data to people in need!
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This sounds too good to be real, what’s the trick?
Well… there’s no trick!

We are transparent

To be successful in this adventure, we know that our members have to completely trust in us. Because of that, TheGoodData works with a completely transparent culture. You can see at any moment what new features we are working on or even what our financials are.

We are collaborative

Not only can you see what’s going on, but you can become part of it. Our company embraces open code and open data culture so if you feel there is something you can do to improve TheGoodData service, you are welcome to join our coders program.

You are the shareholder

It wouldn’t be fair if you didn’t enjoy the value created. That is why users who apply for membership own 100% of shares of TheGoodData, world’s first data coop. Moreover this is the best way to ensure that the company is not sold to a third party that would indirectly buy your data.