Protect your online data
and make it work for a better cause.

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TheGoodData gives you back control
of your valuable browsing data
and lets you do some good with it.

You own your data.

No one should have unlimited access to your data
without your express consent.
Right now, companies use your data to their advantage,
but give you nothing in exchange.

TheGoodData extension prevents third party trackers from
accessing your information so you can take back your privacy online.

About our product
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With TheGoodData,
your data has the power
to do good.

With your consent, we will trade selected anonymous data
to a fraction of those companies who have previously
collected it for free. We will reinvest 50% of the revenues
into TheGoodData - your company - and the other 50% will fund
microloans to people in developing countries
via our partner, Zidisha.

About our partners
Its in Your Hand

You don't just own your data,
You also own TheGoodData.

The more we collaborate, the less choice companies will have to get
your data for free. So come join us, become an owner of TheGoodData
and you’ll have a say in major company decisions and be kept
updated on company progress - all at no cost.

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